The coming recession and radical new policy responses

Keeping our economic system intact (despite all the signs that this is an unsound goal) might require increasingly aggressive interventions.

The Trade War Is Here to Stay

The trade war is not going away any time soon. All the signals are flashing for a worst-case scenario in which both sides harden, a resolution becomes further and further out of reach, and the damage compounds.

AT&T's Big Play for Your Eyeballs

The media giant's grand plan to remake the media world reveals some disturbing features of the capitalist landscape.

ML4ALL Conference: Live Blog

Reporting on the ML4ALL machine learning conference

Portland Data Science Events

Exploring some of the many data science and machine learning community resources in the Portland Area.

Algorithms in the News: Simulated Bifurcation

A new algorithm (SB) appears to represent a major new development in combinatorial optimization.