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OCCAM Project - Data mining software that implements reconstructibility analysis, an information-theoretic modeling paradigm developed in the systems community. OCCAM development is now starting back up again after a period of dormancy. In addition to core development (bug fixes, new functionality, application structure updates and improvements), the aim is also to make OCCAM open source and available as a python package.

Self-Organized Criticality Economic Model - A simple model of production and consumer demand, implemented as an Agent-Based Model using the mesa package for Python. It adapts a model found in the Self-Organized Criticality (SOC) literature, and also contains a mechanism to dynamically rewire agent connections to optimize demand coverage. This model is intended as a starting point and proof-of concept for a larger program of non-equilibrium pattern-oriented social science modelling which incorporates machine learning, and which views the economy as a complex adaptive system (CAS).

Fun with Simulation - A collection of some code from various simulation projects, including Monte Carlo and Lorenz Attractor demos.

Econometrics - Code (mostly R) from several econometrics projects



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